Cold Finished Steels
    Cold Finished Steel is a fine quality steel produced to a good finish and precise tolerances. It has two main characteristics: the first is that the surface is smooth and grey - the color of the steel itself, the second is that the corners of cold finished steel products are sharp and square. This is because cold finished steels are produced oversized in the red-hot condition, then the final dimensions are produced by rolling them through very smooth rollers at room temperature, bathed in oil. Because they're cold-worked only a limited selection of shapes is possible to make.

This is an image of the different shapes and forms commonly available in Cold Finished Steel. Click on the image to go to our sister-site we've built specifically for architects and designers who want to use metals in their designs. You'll be able to see much more information on the stock Cold Finished Steel materials palette regularly available in the USA.

   This is an example of the contrast between the Hot Rolled Steel structural stringer material and the Cold Finished Steel balusters