Aluminum is available in a large selection of shapes and forms. Because it is an extruded material the bars and shapes all have very tightly controlled tolerances, whether they be squared off or rounded off. It is in general a very high quality product. It is soft, however. It also requires a coating, since contact with one's hands will rub a black sooty oxide off of it.
   It can be readily welded, ground, drilled, formed, polished, and is in every way an excellent material to work with. Because it requires a finish, it is usually painted. We have occasionally coated it with a clear coat.

This is an image of the different shapes and forms commonly available in Aluminum Click on the image to go to our sister-site we've built specifically for architects and designers who want to use metals in their designs. You'll be able to see much more information on the stock Aluminum materials palette regularly available in the USA.

Below are some images of Aluminum work that we've built.
   This is an aluminum stair railing in progress. It eventually received a final colored bake coated finish.
   This is a view of another section of the same stair railing.
   In this photo the metal and glass frame in the foreground is aluminum with a clear bake coated finish on it, as is the door in the background. The table in between is stainless steel and corian.